Liora Salem


Liora was an Institute combatant, and a pretty good one at that. She was adept at gunplay, linguistics, tradecraft, and the general workings of the Bat Leveyha — sexpionage was one of her specialties.

Of course, that was before her crisis of faith — she was working as an escort for some rich insurgent and pretending to be asleep to gather more intel. To her surprise, he worked some arcane ritual to summon up a no-shit jinn. The entity immediately recognized her ruse and possessed her, forcing her to spill Institute secrets.

She escaped, but her brush with the supernatural changed her — made her question her mission, her Jewish faith, everything. She left the Institute, left the Middle East, and started looking for answers.

Her search has brought her to America, where she’s been working as a Field Museum security guard part-time so she can pick the brains of the Middle East researchers there, trying to find out the truth behind the legends. She’s made the acquaintance of Jane Hathaway, who seems to find her questions less odd than a lot of the other staff.

Additionally, while poking around the city’s military community, she’s run into Hauser Strauss a couple of times. Out of everyone she’s met, he’s the most open to her questions, although she has yet to determine whether that’s a good thing or not…

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Liora Salem

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