"Colonel" Hauser Strauss


Hauser Strauss is a homeless man on the streets of Chicago, frequently found in the depths of an alcoholic stupor. He never really recovered from whatever happened to him in Vietnam — and he claims a lot of things about it that may or may not be true. He claims that his dishonorable discharge was a cover-up to discredit the things he saw — the spectral ghosts of Victor Charlie swooping into the Tet Offensive, murdering American GIs.

Then again, the “Colonel” says a lot of things like that. He claims dogtags are magical amulets that ward against the evil eye. That kind of thing. A lot of people lump him in with the same sorts of harmless kooks as Elijah McGillicuddy, while others find him to be…intense.

He’s encountered Jane Hathaway once or twice at the VA when she was interviewing veterans for a Vietnam exhibit at the Field Museum, and he’s also encountered a foreigner by the name of Liora Salem there; she’s apparently also ex-military, although he’s never quite ascertained what branch.

"Colonel" Hauser Strauss

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