Veronica Nahti


Veronica — probably better known to audiences as “Veri Nahti” — grew up in Chicago (oddly enough as childhood friends with Shelly Wright), although she didn’t end up in college. At the end of the ’90s, her brief flirtation with acting found her as part of local company Libido Films before she ended up moving to California to sign up with Wicked Pictures. She ended up dating minor rapper Big D a.k.a. Manic Rhymes, and together they managed to propel each other to greater fame, at least in the proper circles.

(In quiet moments — largely when she was drunk — she would claim that something happened during her early porn days. She’d usually allude to a pregnancy scare, or maybe even a miscarriage or something, but none of her close friends ever remember her being pregnant.)

However, things changed after a business trip back to Chicago in 2002; when she returned to L.A., she and her boyfriend became major proponents of some New Age movement known as the “Sect of the Goddess” or the “Sect of the Naked Goddess.” They moved to Las Vegas and apparently started some sort of weird kama sutra cult. Big D a.k.a. Manic Rhymes became “Big Dharma,” and she started producing low-budget, mystically-themed skin flicks on her own dime.

It was the summer of ‘08 when all that fell apart. The Sect disbanded, Veronica disappeared, and “Big Dharma” was found in their Las Vegas home — dead, his hand bound to his face by wire and posed with his index finger pressed to his lips as if “shushing” someone. Veronica hasn’t been seen since, and the general consensus is that she probably ended up in the desert somewhere.

The last thing anyone heard about the cult was when Shelly Wright received a weird VHS tape in the mail from Veronica, with a note only reading, “Keep it safe.”

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Veronica Nahti

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