Vicky Albarado


Nobody knows her origin. Given the facts, Jane, Shelly, Terrence, Terry, and Tommy suspect she killed Terrence’s doppelganger. She later appeared in Jane’s apartment, and attempted to kill her. The others saw her again in the hospital, but she looked different somehow — could the knife-wielding maniac be another doppelganger, like the ones who appeared after the Bill Toge incident?

According to spotty memories of missing time, the knife girl is one Vicky Albarado. A mysterious figure by the name of Dr. Wakahisa apparently informed Jane that she needed to get one James Kratochvil to perform the Path of Cronus to close some strange, causal loop. This incident somehow formed another Vicky who was apparently batshit insane. Of course, now she’s dead, apparently having been shot by Hauser and Liora.

She appeared again, chasing Shelly and Tommy into Shelly’s apartment building.

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Vicky Albarado

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