Shelly Wright


Shelly was a music major at the University of Chicago where she met Jane, Terrence, and Tommy. Since then, she’s been working primarily as an old 1940s-style torch singer at places such as the Back Room and the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge.

Her introduction to the weird came when an old friend — adult actress Veronica Nahti — contacted her out of the blue, sending her a VHS tape with instructions to keep it safe. Shortly after that, Veronica’s boyfriend was found dead in his Las Vegas home, and Veronica went missing. The tape itself was pretty weird, too — raw footage from a porn shoot, showing a cheerleader with two football players. The ending is the strange part, though, as the woman starts shining with some inner light until the tape goes completely white. Watching it is strangely emotional; almost transcendent, in a way.

More recently, Shelly got involved with the business with Bill Toge and Stoon Lake. She spent some time in St. Louis following a gunshot injury, and now allegedly has a doppelganger running around, sometimes acting in her place.

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Shelly Wright

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