James Kratochvil


James is a mathematics professor with the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has evidently found his way into the occult world, being familiar with places like Fitzhugh’s Dreamshop and strange volumes of lore like the Book of Myrddin.

Of course, the rabbit hole went deeper than expected when he found himself in a house with Hauser, Jane, and Liora, all of them having no memory of the past several weeks, and apparently having just completed the Path of Cronus ritual. To make matters stranger, a cooling corpse of a mysterious woman lay on the floor, evidently having been shot by Hauser and Liora.

Currently, along with the other three, James is trying to determined what happened during the missing time.

Image retrieved from http://www.gazette.net/article/20121126/NEWS/711269972/1070/math-is-music-to-marylands-professor-of-the-year on April 30, 2015.

James Kratochvil

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