USW: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Session 5

That Which Has Been Written

Sunday, February 26, 2012

With the threat apparently over, Jane takes out her cell phone. She sequentially calls Terrence (who is currently riding with Tommy), Shelly, and Terry to inform each that she was just attacked by otherShelly and otherTerry — Terry Gold, for his part, indicates that his doppelganger’s story about the reupholstery service is true, although they usually just clean. She further indicates that everyone should likely be careful, as she does not know what the doubles plan to do next.

She then returns to her apartment to sleep.

Tommy drives all night, making it to Stoon Lake sometime around 1:00 AM. Terrence dumps his doppelganger’s body into the lake without incident, and they drive onward to St. Louis. When Tommy is outside Leland Sanford’s house, he calls Shelly and she joins them.

Tommy drives back to Chicago, arriving around 7:00 AM and calling Jane to let her know that he has returned safely.

Having rested in the car, Shelly and Terrence return to work. Tommy takes the day to sleep. Jane goes to work at the museum. Terry continues to poke around Stoon Lake.

That night, Jane is awakened by the sound of glass breaking. It sounds like a window in her apartment. She immediately hides under the bed and calls 911. As she is speaking to the operator, a face peers under her bed and an arm darts out, slashing at her with a knife. She scurries out from under the bed and the figure comes after her. She manages to skirt around it, backpedaling the whole while, although the figure manages to cut her several times. As she runs out into the hallway, she can clearly see the woman — athletic, and probably once pretty, with blue eyes and long, blonde hair. However, the woman looks crazed; her hair is matted, her eyes bloodshot, and her clothes dirty and worn. Finally, the woman lashes out with the knife and Jane loses consciousness as she is dimly aware of the sound of sirens.

Tommy, still being awake, manages to catch the morning news when they report of an assault at Jane’s apartment complex. Tommy calls her cell phone, but the person who answers is the voice of an unidentified male indentifying himself as an officer with the Chicago PD and asking if Tommy could come in for questioning.

Tommy arrives at the precinct relatively quickly, and after explaining his situation to the receptionist, he is directed to the interrogation rooms. A police officer outside directs him to take a seat and wait.

After a few minutes, a man enters. He appears middle-aged, and is wearing a dress shirt with rolled-up sleeves and khakis. He is sipping from a cup of coffee, and he introduces himself as Detective Hannigan. He proceeds to ask Tommy some questions about how he knows Jane, his whereabouts, all that sort of thing. He also indicates that Jane is expected to survive the attack. Tommy indicates that they know each other from their college days. They recently went to Stoon Lake, IL (when the detective asks, Tommy explains that one goes there to see the lake). He was at home during the attack, although there isn’t anyone who can specifically attest to his whereabouts. He can’t think of anyone who would do this, and Jane doesn’t have a boyfriend (when Tommy audibly laughs at the “Any ex-boyfriends?” question, Detective Hannigan hides his smirk behind a long drink from his cup of coffee).

After a few more questions, Detective Hannigan excuses himself. He returns a couple of minutes later and tells Tommy that he’s free to go. He then gives him his card, and tells him to call if he thinks of anything.

When Tommy gets home, he calls Shelly and Terrence to inform them of what happened. They all decide to get breakfast until visiting hours start at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Jane awakens in the hospital. A doctor informs her that she has been through surgery, and summons a Detective Doyle to ask a few questions. Jane describes her attacker and indicates that she has never previously seen her assailant. No, she doesn’t know anyone who might do this to her.

Afterward, she is allowed to rest.

Jane is awake when Shelly, Terrence, and Tommy arrive; they note that a police officer is outside her door, and he allows them to enter. She describes what transpired. Nobody knows her attacker. When Tommy offers to get some things for her, she asks if they can visit her friend Rupert and ask to borrow some books from him. They agree.

Shelly, Terrence, and Tommy go to Rupert’s book store. After making introductions, they explain what happened to Jane — he seems shocked and says he’ll have to visit her in the evening — and convey her request. He puts some books in a bag and bids them good day.

When they return, they open the door to Jane’s room. As they do, Jane sees a woman pass — it’s her attacker. The woman does not look in the room or seem to regard Jane in any way, nor does she look disheveled or dirty. In fact, she looks younger; the woman is probably around 20 years old, although Jane would have said she looked older last night. Jane informs the others, and Terrence rushes out to inform the police officer. He catches her attention, asks a few questions, and decides to take the woman in for questioning.

The group discusses this turn of events; Jane suspects that the woman she just saw isn’t quite the woman from last night. Terrence posits that she’s a time-displaced version of the woman from a post-apocalyptic future, but Jane suggests that it’s another doppelganger.

After discussions are complete, they decide to let Jane rest. Terrence deigns to stay to watch over Jane, while Tommy takes Shelly home. Since he has not yet slept, they decide it would be safest if he slept at Shelly’s apartment.

As they are walking to the door, Tommy sees a figure sitting in the alley. Tommy catches a glimpse of the face; beneath the tangled mass of hair and the large coat is the face of the woman Jane noted at the hospital. Tommy quietly informs Shelly of this fact, and they start to rush into the apartment building as they hear the woman rush after them.



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