USW: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Session 4

Stoon Lake

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jane, Terrence, Terry, and Tommy are sitting in the woods drinking with Ed Cliffe. As he gets increasingly drunk and they discuss the Bigfoot sightings, he suggests they sneak onto Donald Cruz’s property and snoop around. The group agrees.

Ed throws a sheet over the barbed wire on the fence, and the group goes over. Ed gets out a flashlight, although he doesn’t turn it on, and he pulls out a gun. To reassure onlookers, he explains that it’s a tranquilizer gun.

The group wanders through the cold, dark woods until they finally come upon a cabin with a few lights inside. As they approach, a dark shape passes the cabin. As it approaches, Tommy runs, followed by Terry. Ed, panicked at the sudden sound, flicks on his flashlight to see the fleeing pair before he turns it on the shape.

It is a lumbering, hairy shape.

Everyone braces for what will happen next as the shape turns and runs. Ed levels his tranquilizer gun and fires, striking the creature. It stumbles and falls.

As the group approaches, they find the creature to be…a doughy, hairy, naked man. When Ed looks at the face, he realizes it’s Donald Cruz, apparently wandering naked on his property despite the February chill.

The rest of the group decides to bolt.

When they all regroup at the campsite, Ed, Jane, and Terrence explain to Terry and Tommy what transpired. Terry is a little sad he ran, as having access to a tranquilized Donald Cruz would be a perfect time to try to examine him.

Since Ed notes that the tranq should wear off after a few minutes, the group leaves. Ed leaves very abruptly while the others leave once they are certain no evidence remains.

Since Ed took the beer, they decide to get some beer of their own and get drunk in their hotel rooms. Tommy calls Shelly to check on her, and talks a little about what transpired on Cruz’s property. After a little bit, Tommy gets a call from the people they presume to be werewolf hunters. Tommy invites them back to the room to discuss matters.

Once the hairy guy and the Asian guy arrive, they explain what happened. The hairy guy asks if Tommy ever sensed anything, and he says he did not. The man says that information matches what they’ve been seeing all week — namely that they haven’t found anything supernatural here — so they’re likely to move on. They have Tommy’s contact information, though, so they should be in touch. They leave the hotel room.

The following day, the group prepares to part company. Terry plans on staying a little longer to see what he can determine in Stoon Lake. Jane, Terrence, and Tommy will return to Chicago by bus. The group parts company, likely to reconvene towards the end of the week.

Upon their arrival in Chicago, Jane, Terrence, and Tommy return to their respective homes. Terrence is the only one who finds anything strange — his door is ajar. When he opens the door, he sees a body in the middle of his living room, its throat slit.

The body is his.

He immediately calls Jane and Tommy. They come to his apartment, and he shows them the sight. They search his apartment, finding a bloodied knife — one of Terrence’s kitchen knives — in the sink.

They clean up the blood and roll not-Terrence’s body into a rug. Contemplating that they saw doubles of Shelly, Terrence, and Terry surrounding the Bill Toge incident, they call Shelly to ask if they can go to her apartment, explaining that something strange is happening. She says that they may. Planning on dumping the body in the river, they transport the Terrence corpse into the back of Tommy’s car.

When they arrive, they knock on the door. Shelly answers, despite the fact that she is in St. Louis recovering from a bullet wound. When they talk to her, she claims to have recovered and is currently on some pain killers. Nothing seems immediately wrong, other than the fact that Tommy definitely has an erection.

She must be unnatural.

The group takes their leave and calls the Shelly in St. Louis to let her know what’s happening. They then drive over to Terry’s house — and pass him in his car, driving in the other direction. Tommy gets an erection, indicating the presence of something unnatural. Tommy flags Terry down, and the group talks in the street. Jane calls Terry in Stoon Lake, and has him talk to his double. After some dithering, Tommy decides to go to St. Louis to pick up Shelly, but that he’ll go to Stoon Lake to ditch not-Terrence’s corpse there (who would look there, right?). Terrence decides to go with him. They leave Jane with Terry so that he may take her home. He still wants to go to dinner first, and she agrees to go with him.

When they arrive at the restaurant, Jane notes that he puts his car keys on the front tire. They eat, and nothing untoward happens, but when they return, Jane notices a tarp in the backseat where none was before. When she questions Terry, he explains that he has a reupholstery service that came while he was in the restaurant. She doesn’t buy it, and asks to see what’s under the tarp. He says she may, and when she pulls it back, she sees Shelly underneath of it.

Shelly leaps out at her, and although Shelly and Terry are both struggling to subdue Jane, she manages to run, screaming, into the restaurant. As she explains that someone tried to attack her, she returns outside to see the taillights of the Terry’s car heading off into the night.



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