USW: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Session 3

Stoon Lake

Friday, February 24, 2012

The week is uneventful. As planned, Terry goes to Stoon Lake to scope the place out. Shelly stays with Leland Sanford to recuperate. Jane, Terrence, and Tommy return to Chicago to work. Tommy auditions for Death of a Salesman, but doesn’t get a part (although the production staff is kind enough to call him back).

On Friday the 24th, Jane, Terrence, and Tommy make the trip down to Stoon Lake to meet with Terry. Terry then informs them of what he’s experienced, which isn’t much. He basically has the leads from the article. However, he has noticed two guys who seem very much out of place — one guy is a big, biker dude with a large beard, while the other is a somewhat flashily-dressed Asian man who is missing two fingers on his left hand and one finger on his right hand. He’s seen them at McMurtry’s, and they appear to be staying at the Super 8.

He has also seen Mia Gilona, the journalist who wrote the article that led them to Stoon Lake, around town.

After eating at McMurtry’s Bar and Grill, Terry shows them around town and explains what he has witnessed. They all go back to the Super 8 to sleep.

The next day, they awaken and decide what they’re going to do. They decide to initially speak with Ed Cliffe, the man who made the famous 1968 Bigfoot sighting, and then proceed using whatever information they gather. Determining he is at work, they waffle a bit before deciding to call. Terry Gold calls and Ed Cliffe says they can come to his office; he instructs Terry to call when he arrives.

The group arrives at Northlake Fuel Oil, Inc., shortly thereafter. After another phone call, Ed Cliffe — an older, pudgy man, seemingly more content in work clothes than a suit — comes out to greet them, then brings them back to his office. They talk, and he explains about what he saw back in 1968, as well as the cast of the footprint he took in the 1970s. He doesn’t have much to add, other than he knows several Bigfoot sightings are on Donald Cruz’s property. The group agrees to share information with him, should they find anything new, and they say they’ll be in touch.

The group leaves, and decides to split. Terry and Tommy will go to the diner and see if they can find the two out-of-towners, while Jane and Terrence will go to the library to do a little research.

Sure enough, Terry and Tommy spot them and sit nearby. Tommy overhears them talking. The Asian man remarks on the large-breasted waitress, prompting the biker guy to recall a story about walking in on some guy named Brinker who was masturbating at the time. (Mysteriously, he further comments, “He got away, though.”) Finally, they discuss the possibility of the Bigfoot being a “loo garoo” they evidently have to retrieve for their boss.

When Tommy relays this information to Terry, the Asian guy evidently picks up on the fact that they’re being scrutinized. He lets his friend know about it, and the two stop talking. Terry sends a text message to Terrence.

Jane and Terrence begin looking for Bigfoot sightings, and Terrence notes each one on a map of Stoon Lake. Sure enough, most take place in the woods around Donald Cruz’s property, although there are a few outliers, such as the Bigfoot attack in front of Ron Williams’ mother’s house.

As they’re finishing their research, Terrence receives a text message asking what they know about a “loo garoo?” After a Google search turns up something about a vampiric witch-like entity known as a soucouyant, Jane determines that he means a “loup-garou.” Is the alleged Bigfoot a werewolf?

Their research complete, Jane and Terrence meet with Terry and Tommy at the diner. Terry and Tommy indicate that the two guys are the ones who tipped them off about the “loup-garou” thing. Jane wonders if they’re mercenary werewolf hunters, or some such. They decide to go elsewhere, and as Terry asks for the check, the two guys turn around and get a very good look at everyone at the table. The group then leaves, but as they are about to get into the car, the two guys leave and go for their own car, a late-model Camry. The group quickly discusses the possibility of allying with a couple of potential werewolf hunters. Finally, the decision is made, and before the guys can get in their car, Jane calls out to them and asks for their aid, explaining the whole thing about being paranormal investigators. The Asian man asks for a minute to confer with his friend, and they get into the car. After a moment, he steps back out and says to meet them in two hours at the Super 8. They drive off.

The group is initially worried about the prospect, but decides they simply won’t go off alone with the guys. They spend about a half hour or so snooping around Donald Cruz’s property. They can’t even see the house, which is apparently somewhere behind a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire and marked with “No Trespassing” signs. The gate has a camera trained on it as well as a callbox. Terry begins brainstorming a way to get Donald Cruz out of his house, hoping that Tommy’s newfound sense will alert them to the presence of any supernatural influences.

After deciding to tackle this problem later, the group returns to the Super 8 motel and waits a while before the two guys arrive. The Asian and the biker speak very little, letting the group do most of the talking. The men seem unimpressed with the whole thing until everyone starts explaining their encounters with the supernatural, and Tommy intimates the fact that he is impotent, but gets erections at the presence of supernatural events and entities. The biker guy is intrigued, and asks if this was brought about by a woman in red. Tommy affirms, and the biker guy seems to know much about this, but only knew it as an urban legend. He asks for Tommy’s name and number, and says that he’ll call back some time this evening. The two men then excuse themselves and go back to a room somewhere in the motel.

Contemplating their leads, the group considers returning to the diner to regroup and see if they can find anyone they’d like to interview. When they arrive, they see the journalist, Mia Gilona, grabbing a late lunch. Terry asks if they can join, and she agrees. Introductions are made, and they indicate that they are here because of her article. They ask about her opinion on the Bigfoot matter, and she frankly states she just wants to learn what’s happening, whether it’s strange or mundane. She asks about their paranormal investigations, and they explain the origin — each of them suffered some strange encounter at some point in life. Jane describes the shadowy figures she encountered in a cemetery in Philadelphia, Terrence describes his mysterious tattoos, and Terry describes the strange facility he found in a storage unit. Tommy declines to describe his experience. Mia responds by describing some of the things she was researching. Around Chicago, she was researching a Dr. Frakes or Dr. Farouk who can cure any disease for a million dollars cash, but overnight, her sources either disappeared or stopped talking. Then, she was researching a serial killer in the northern portion of the Midwest who supposedly bites out his victims’ eyes, but the FBI and Mounties seem unconcerned. Finally, she came to Stoon Lake.

Over the course of the conversation, she expresses the fact that she’d love to hire Ed Cliffe as a guide in the woods, and when asked about Donald Cruz, she indicates that he works for the NSA. The group is very grateful for her information, and in the end, everyone exchanges phone numbers and decides to keep in touch.

Armed with this information, Terry contacts Ed Cliffe after Mia leaves, and Ed agrees to meet them after work. He says he’ll be by the diner after he leaves the office.

After a little while, he arrives. The group discusses some of the things they’ve learned, and they talk about the woods while Cliffe grabs dinner and starts knocking back beers. Finally, Terry mentions hiring him to look through the woods, and he agrees. They decide to grab a case of beer and go out into the woods to keep an eye out for Bigfoot that very night.



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