USW: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Session 7

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hauser wanders off, trying to finish his lunch, before Liora and Jane meet for coffee. She explains what Tommy told her — about Vicky’s time displacement, what Dr. Wakahisa apparently told her in the hospital, and Terrence’s disappearance. Liora theorizes that he has been deleted from the timestream somehow, but something to do with Jane’s location means that she remembers him and his pictures remain in her phone. After discussing such matters, they decide to call James and see if he knows anything further. He agrees to meet them at the coffee shop. Liora calls Hauser and only finds that he is not answering his phone and has not set up his voicemail.

James arrives in roughly a half-hour. Jane repeats what she learned from Tommy. Liora asks if he would be willing to investigate Dr. Wakahisa at the hospital. He notes his contacts at Fitzhugh’s Dreamshop, and possibly with a noted dealer in the occult named Aishwarya Kulkarni; he doesn’t think either of those things are important, but he has purchased appropriate components from them in the past, so it’s possible they may know something.

After discussion, they decide to head over the hospital. Jane directs them to Rush University Medical Center. She speaks to the receptionist, indicating she has a follow-up appointment with her physician; the receptionist notes no appointment. She explains that she doesn’t have one, but just wanted to speak to her doctor, Dr. Wakahisa. The receptionist explains that there is no personnel by that name at the hospital. When asked, Jane learns that her doctor’s name is Dr. Cassandra Petersen.

With that inquiry a dead end, Liora starts scoping out security at the hospital with the eventual goal of looking at the security tapes during Jane’s stay. She decides to try to flirt with one of the security guards to gather more information. James and Jane decide to go for a walk around the block while Liora does her thing.

Liora finds a lone security guard, Pablo Cruz, and strikes up a conversation. Things are going fairly well, but the stress of the past few days seems to have gotten to her as she reflexively reaches for where she might normally keep her sidearm. He notices the movement and pulls his can of mace, threatening her and calling for backup. A few other security guards arrive, but when they search her, they find no weapons. One takes Pablo aside while another apologizes profusely to Liora for the confusion. She explains that she’s a security guard, so she totally understands. After reassuring the guard there’s no trouble, she quietly slips out of the hospital.

Reconvening with James and Jane, she explains that things did not go as planned, but she has a backup plan. She’ll apply for a job in the hopes of obtaining further information. Everyone returns to the coffee shop to collect their cars, then they go to Jane’s apartment. Jane once again jumps online and looks for Dr. Wakahisa to no avail. She texts Tommy asking if there is any further information he can tell her, but he sends a text back indicating that he is an older Japanese man, but he never actually met the man. Liora asks if Jane met Dr. Wakahisa after leaving the hospital; Tommy says she did not so far as he knows. She cannot find any further information on Dr. Wakahisa in her own notes. Liora starts searching on her own laptop to apply to the security company servicing Rush University Medical Center. Once finished, she asks James if any of his contacts might know Dr. Wakahisa. He says he’ll look into it, and leaves to go inquire. After he leaves, Jane and Liora discuss plans a little more before parting company to continue their avenues of research.



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