USW: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Session 1

Bill in Three Persons

Friday, February 17, 2012

Jane, Shelly, Tommy, Terrence, and Terry have all been discussing the article they found: there was a bigfoot sighting in Stoon Lake, Illinois.

Bigfoot sighting, hell. There was supposedly a bigfoot attack.

They all make arrangements and decide to leave Friday afternoon. Terry Gold reserves rooms in Stoon Lake. They disembark around 2:00 PM, expecting to arrive around 7:00 PM.

Everyone piles into Terry’s car and gets ready for a weekend of cryptozoology.

They drive on the highway for a while, and as the sun goes down, they realize they aren’t nearly where they should be — it’s around 7 PM, and they should be at Stoon Lake by now. They’re still on the road.

They finally find their exit, but they’ve lost time — it’s after midnight. Getting on towards two in the morning.

As they drive, the road narrows down to two lanes, and they finally come to a crossroads.

They can see the police lights as they approach. There’s been an accident.

A three-car pileup blocks the intersection. The cop doesn’t look too good himself — his left arm is in a cast, and there doesn’t look to be much he can do.

Terry stops the car. They decide to get out and help this guy.

Sheriff Ragoczy explains that his radio isn’t working, the nearest hospital is twenty miles away, and he’s worried about an explosion. He asks if the group can help pull the accident victims from the cars.

The group agrees. As they pull the people from the cars, the shattered bones and bloody wounds overcome Jane and Terry, who have to step away. It’s a little touch-and-go, but Shelly, Tommy, and Terrence manage to pull everybody from the wreckage.

The sheriff grabs a first aid kit from the back of his cruiser. He asks Jane and Terry if they’re okay before asking Shelly, Tommy, and Terrence if they can help treat the victims.

Meanwhile, once they’ve calmed a little, Jane dials 911 to get an ambulance. Terry calls his therapist, Judy, awakening her in the middle of the night. She manages to talk him down, though, and he’s not nearly as hysterical about all the blood as he was previously.

Though the others are not as able, Tommy sets about treating them.

About this time, though, it dawns of the group that although these three guys are dressed differently, they look like identical triplets. In fact, each car is a small, red Hyundai.

The sheriff looks over the bodies and remarks, “I just knew it. It’s that damn Bill Toge again.”

The cars explode, and a wave of heat washes over the scene before everything changes.

Suddenly, the group is crouching in a supermarket aisle, between the cleaning supplies and the pet supplies. The windows in the front of the store indicate that it is daytime. Cell phones confirm that it is 2 PM yesterday, roughly twelve hours ago.

Suddenly, there are two gunshots at the front of the store. People cry out. Everyone crouches back down in the aisle. Jane, Tommy, and Terrence creep forward to look.

A few people are crouched at the front of the store. Just past the check-out counters is a man in a mask of President Reagan. He’s brandishing a shotgun, and a curl of smoke escapes the barrel. By the door is a man in a Nixon mask with a handgun. A couple of other guys — one in a Bush mask, unloading a cash register, and one in a Clinton mask, securing the hostages in the food court — are also visible.

The guy in the Nixon mask spots Jane and takes a shot at her as she ducks back into the aisle. Tommy manages to stay hidden and sneaks back down the aisle. Terrence is also spotted, and ducks behind the shelving. He grabs a bottle of drain cleaner and tries to set it on fire, but only ends up spilling it all over his arm and catching his arm on fire instead. Nixon takes a shot at Terrence and misses, blasting open a bag of kibble near Terry Gold, who freaks and runs for the pharmacy counter. Nixon’s second panicked shot hits Terrence in the shoulder, who drops to the ground while trying to put out the chemical fire on his arm. Tommy sprints to the back of the store, and seeing an emergency exit to the right, he takes it. Jane is about a few steps behind him, and Shelly is out of sight, but sees the open door and runs through it.

Meanwhile, Reagan and Nixon tell Terrence to get up, once he’s managed to remove his coat, vest, and shirt and put out his singed arm. They force him over to the food court where Clinton keeps a gun trained on him and the others in the food court.

Terry is behind the pharmacy counter. He notes the placement of cameras and holds tight trying to determine what to do.

Tommy and Jane run around the front. Shelly is still running as Nixon runs after her. He catches sight of her and puts a bullet in her back; she flails and dives behind a dumpster. He comes around the side and tells her to get up. She does and he marches her back inside.

Hearing footsteps, Terry peeks from behind the pharmacy counter. Seeing a bloodied Shelly being forced to march at gunpoint by a man in a Nixon mask, he charges Nixon and tries to turn his mask around. Shelly uses the distraction to try to get Nixon’s gun away from him. Nixon fires wildly at Shelly in the melee, with one bullet knocking a chunk out of her left ear and another bullet plowing through her chest. She falls to the ground, bloodied, unconscious, and breathing shallowly.

Terry freaks, but tries to keep Nixon under control. He takes a bullet to the shoulder in the struggle. Reagan approaches, and Terry gives up. They march him over to the food court where Clinton has everyone secured.

Terry notices that the man in the Nixon mask is wearing the same clothing as one of the men pulled from the vehicles at the crossroads. Perhaps he’s Bill Toge?

Meanwhile, Tommy and Jane have reached the front and are frantically informing the police of all that has transpired.

In less than a minute, Bush has a duffel bag full of cash. The masked criminals run to the back of the store, and make their way to a getaway car around the side with police in pursuit.

Terrence and Terry see a strange sight — Terry is standing at the front door. He shoots Terry, the real Terry, a mean look and waves before leaving.

Suddenly, everyone returns to the crossroads. The sheriff asks if anyone can help Shelly, and Terrence successfully rouses her to consciousness. The sheriff then notes, “I just knew it. It’s that damn Bill Toge again.”

The cars explode, and everything changes.

The group is standing outside an apartment labeled “101.” The door is ajar and there is the sound of muffled struggling, as if someone is attempting to talk with a gag in his mouth. Another voice says, “How’s it feel? How’s it feel, dead man?”

Terrence and Terry push the door open and look within. They see a man — Bill Toge, apparently — wearing a pajama shirt, jeans, and no shoes. He has a few gashes and stab wounds on his left arm and left side, and he’s holding a bloody Bowie knife.

The other man is tied to a metal folding chair, and the most notable thing about his condition is that his mouth and nose are completely sealed shut. He’s suffocating.

Bill shoots the pair a surprised look. Terrence and Terry close the door. Everyone relocates to the stairwell to discuss what’s happening. Jane checks the GPS on her iPhone; they’re in Los Angeles, California.

As they’re talking, they see Bill come down the stairs, taking them two at a time. Terrence and Terry go after him. Jane, Shelly, and Tommy do not.

Jane and Shelly return to the room to find the man with blood on his shirt — but no wounds — still tied to a chair trying to free himself. He indicates Bill just jumped him for no reason. They untie him and he thanks them before fleeing the room.

Terrence and Terry confront him as he is about to enter his Hyundai. He initially ignores them, but when they start blathering about time travel, he pauses and tells them to come with him and stay out of his way.

Terrence and Terry explain their predicament, that they seem to be traveling through time around him. He indicates that he doesn’t know anything about it. At their questioning, he explains that guy was Don Lewis, the pedophile who took his daughter. She’s apparently in his basement.

When questioned about the whole lips-and-nose-covered-with-flesh-thing, he indicates that “the flesh is malleable.”

Meanwhile, Jane, Shelly, and Tommy decide that they should probably take Shelly to a hospital, even if they get teleported back to the crossroads. They start walking.

Bill, Terrence, and Terry arrive at a house in a bad part of town. Some sullen drunks and street kids stare, although they quickly shrink back from the tattooed, shirtless man with fresh burn scars on his arm (Terrence).

Bill kicks open Don’s front door. They find a door to a basement and go downstairs. Bill slides aside a tool rack to reveal a secret room.

His daughter is within. Dead. The smell and sight suggests that she vomited in her gag, then choked to death.

He cradles her to him, weeping. Terrence asks what he’s going to do. He says Don isn’t smart; he’ll be back. He’ll wait.

They wait. Don comes back with a gun. Bill stabs himself in the leg and touches Don, who starts to vomit blood as his body falls apart.

He walks outside with his daughter’s body in his arms — just in time to see the detectives pulling up. They immediately draw weapons and tell him to freeze. Terrence and Terry put their hands up and kneel on the ground. Bill stabs himself in the eye and the detectives explode.

He then runs to his car and gets inside. Terrence and Terry see a double of Terrence ride past on a bicycle. He looks at them coldly and waves.

Suddenly, everyone returns to the crossroads. The sheriff notes, “I just knew it. It’s that damn Bill Toge again.” Terrence rushes at him and takes a swing at him as the car explodes and the scene changes.

The group is crouching behind a trailer in the American southwest. GPS suggests they’re somewhere in New Mexico. The trailer park appears abandoned, and is surrounded by red mesas. The sounds of engines idling comes from somewhere out of sight. A dirt road passes through the middle of the park.

Terrence walks to the road and sees that they are, indeed, in a trailer park. A sign hangs in front of the park, although he cannot read it from this side. A cardboard, wood, and canvas UFO sits beyond, painted with a sign reading, “WELCOME!!! JESUS!!! AND THE ESSENALUMBANS!!!”

A black woman, surrounded by a pool of blood, lies near the entrance. A gun lies near her right hand.

The idling engines come from the mass of police cars, SWAT vehicles, and television crews. There is a frenzy of activity as Terrence appears, followed by a rifle shot that wizzes past his head. He takes cover in the shadow of a trailer.

The door opens and Bill Toge — disheveled, unwashed, his pupils dilated — steps out. He bids them welcome and invites them inside.

The smell is atrocious; it smells like a rotting corpse. Four other figures are within. One is a middle-aged man, one is a middle-aged woman, and one is a teenage boy. The fourth figure is the corpse of a state trooper; his body has been carved up and he looks partially consumed.

The trailer is small and dirty. A grocery bag of dried mushrooms sits in the corner.

Bill welcomes everyone and rambles about today, February 17, being the day Jesus and the Essenalumbans come. Today the world will end. The woman pats the hand of the dead trooper, and they indicate that he will come with them because he has been consumed and is with them.

Terrence leaves the trailer and dodges among trailers before opening a couple. The first is empty, but the second has two people within. Terrence starts ranting and raving about how the time is at hand, and they must consume Bill Toge.

Whatever these people are on, they buy it. They follow Terrence back to the trailer. He stays outside as they enter, but he shouts. Jane, looking outside, sees Terrence wildly gesturing for them to come outside.

As the group rushes outside and crouches in the shadow of the trailer, the two cultists descend on Bill Toge. Gunfire can be heard from within the trailer.

Things move quickly from there. A tear gas grenade lands near them and smoke overtakes them. As they writhe on the ground, they hear the sounds of struggle and an engine growing closer. As a SWAT battle van becomes visible, Bill runs from the building, his face covered with a cloth, and starts preaching at them. He is shot in the shoulder and falls.

Everyone is handcuffed by the SWAT officers as they pass.

Soon, the group hears the sirens of emergency vehicles. An ambulance pulls up, and an Hispanic EMT named Jesus gets out. He loads Bill, Shelly, Terrence, and Terry onto gurneys and gets them in the back of the ambulance. Jane and Tommy are loaded in the back of a paddywagon.

The ambulance takes off down the road. As they drive, Bill looks surprised and finds a handcuff key. He unlatches himself from the gurney and starts to walk to the back of the ambulance. Terrence shouts at him and tries to restrain him; he grabs him by the throat for several seconds, but the ambulance hits a bump in the road, throwing Bill to the back of the ambulance. He opens the door, smiles, and leaps out, tucking and rolling before standing up in the road. He then runs off into the distance.

Jesus stops the ambulance to close the door and says he’ll notify the police. As he closes the door, Shelly, Terrence, and Terry see a duplicate of Shelly walk across the road. She glares at the group and waves.

Suddenly, everyone returns to the crossroads. The sheriff notes, “I just knew it. It’s that damn Bill Toge again.” The cars explode, and after the heat passes over everyone, the sheriff and his car are gone. The wreckage and the three Bill Toges still lie by the side of the road. As the group watches, a duplicate of Terry’s car drives past. Shelly, Terrence, and Terry are within. They glare at the group before driving off into the distance.

Terry knows people need medical attention, so he calls a street doctor he knows in St. Louis. The guy answers, and Terry makes arrangements to come and see him shortly.



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